Invoice Processing


BPO Asia provides bespoke solutions for the automatic handling of Accounts Payable & Supplier invoices, credit notes and other relevant information.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Capturing all details which may include the Freight bill number, date of shipment, weight, pallets and pieces, shipper, along with consignee particulars, etc.
  • Document Scanning & Conversion
  • Invoice Indexing and Categorisation
  • Data Capture and Data Keying
  • 3 Way Matching - Purchase to Pay Processing
  • Accounts Reconciliation and Full Reporting
  • Data Integration - Data export to Oracle, SAP, Sage and virtually any other ERP or Accounts system.
  • Web based invoice approval workflow system – ROSS

Our service can be totally tailored to suit your own requirements and can cover all or just some of the following processes:

  • Mail receipt via a central PO or DX Box - Secure service using a central box registered at our facility.
  • Imaging - We use the best IBML scanners to ensure the highest quality images even from feint dot matrix invoices.
  • Data Integration - BPO Asia can export data to Oracle, SAP, Sage and virtually any other ERP or Accounts system.
  • Data capture from paper- We use highly automated invoice capture software to extract header and/or line item data at up to 12,000 invoices per hour.
  • Three Way Data Matching - We can validate data against POs, Invoices & Delivery Notes (or any other data) to ensure a 99.9% accuracy of your payables information.
  • Data Availability - BPO Asia can export data to you via secure VPN or FTP Links
  • Cost Centre Coding and approval - BPO Asia can code invoices with cost centre and department codes and then forward these for approval using a simple web interface.
  • Problem Resolution - BPO Asia can produce exception lists for resolution internally to pre-defined rules and parameters.
  • Management Reporting - Reports are issued daily that provide all the statistics and exception reporting you require.
  • Storage - We can store your documents online or in paper format for the regulatory minimum 6 years or send back scanned images on CD.
  • Per Transaction costs - We invoice you at a fixed rate per transaction, so you can develop an accurate and manageable budget for your invoice processing costs.

If you would like us to provide a no obligation comparison of your 'in-house' vs 'outsourced' costs then please

Fully Outsourced Invoice Processing Service

BPO Asia can provide a fully outsourced invoice management service. This can be implemented as a long term trial or as an immediate cost saving solution in order to deliver benefits without any capital expenditure.

This allows you to have a variable rather than fixed cost solution that can be adjusted according to the demand in your business.

The BPO Asia invoice processing service includes:

  • PO receipt of supplier invoices
  • Receipt of electronic or EDI generated invoices
  • Scanning of paper original copies of invoices
  • Full logging of each transaction
  • Cheque cashing and handling service
  • Data extraction of both header and line items
  • Validation of data for correct values, codes, etc
  • Matching of invoices to purchase orders
  • Exception handling
  • Routing for approval using web enabled software as a managed service on BPO Asia's remote servers
  • Fully proven integration of remote data with virtually every leading ERP and account system
  • Full management reports

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