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BPO Asia's document scanning operation offers the widest range of document scanning services at some of the best rates available. We cover the whole of the UK, United States, and Australia and are recognised as one of the leading service providers in the UK by a wide range of clients including blue chip companies, enterprise businesses and public authorities alike.

There really are no limits to the type of records that can be digitised and held. BPO Asia's sophisticated systems and the latest technology will capture data from traditional paper, microfilm digital data, text records, pictorial data, large formats, drawings, magazines or even books.

BPO Asia scans all kinds of departmental information such as:

or any general office material. The images can be supplied on CD with free self launching viewer software, sent to an FTP site or scanned directly to our own web based image repository ROSS for immediate access.

We can advise upon and install complete document management systems, offer advice and consultancy on key issues such as legal admissibility of scanned documents and offer physical long term storage or secure destruction after scanning.

In fact BPO Asia's document scanning services are the most comprehensive and best value anywhere in the UK.

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