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BPO Asia offers leading edge digital solutions that allow you to reduce the need to store paper and to find and retrieve information in an instant. Even with all this technology, there are times when there is simply no way of avoiding storing the source documents somewhere.

BPO Asia's Document Warehouse allows you to liberate expensive office space, store your essential paperwork in a secure environment AND lets you have virtually instant access to it when required.

  • BPO Asia operates a state of the art document archive warehouse at its facility. This is a secure, environmentally controlled unit utilising the latest cataloguing and tracking software to maintain documents in perfect condition.

  • And the best feature is the Scan on Demand service offered by BPO Asia's on-site scanning bureau. If a document needs to be retrieved from an archive box, BPO Asia's staff will locate it, scan the image and email it or upload it directly onto the ROSS web repository within a few hours.

  • No more losing valuable files or waiting days for them to turn up in a van or the post!

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If your clients have a need for resourcing solutions, then BPO Asia's Strategic Partnering for Success Program offers you an outstanding opportunity to grow your business.

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