Sales Order Processing


BPO Asia provides bespoke solutions for the automatic handling of Sales Order Processing and Billing.

Traditionally, most sales orders arrive via fax or mail, and processing these can be a costly, manual and time-consuming process. But if you could process your orders quickly, efficiently, and correctly, every time, you would not only generate revenue more quickly, you would also promote better customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  • Invoice Creation and Billing
  • Data Capture and Data keying
  • Audit of Price bands & Discount structures
  • Matching and Reconciliation of Charges against Rate Tables or Contracts
  • Document Scanning & Conversion
  • Data Integration - data export to Oracle, SAP, Sage and virtually any other ERP or    Accounts system
  • Web based Invoice Retrieval system - ROSS


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If your clients have a need for resourcing solutions, then BPO Asia's Strategic Partnering for Success Program offers you an outstanding opportunity to grow your business.

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