Records Online Store System


ROSS is service which provides document and/or image storage and retrieval system to the clients. Clients upload image files to the system. Upon upload, the image files are stored in file storage while the image details are stored in a database. Clients can now conveniently retrieve and view image files from the database and file storage anytime, anywhere.

Once documents are scanned they can be instantly uploaded to the secure ROSS website and made available immediately to anyone with a standard web browser. This brings massive benefits to clients who need instant access or who have limited space on their own networks.

ROSS offers a range of access packages from "on line" to "near line" to "offline", with different price bands for each level. This makes it extremely economic and flexible particularly as the service can provide detailed reports on the number of accesses made in a given period.

The technology underpinning ROSS has approximately ½ billion pages online and is used by many public authorities and blue chip companies along with a host of other organisations. The service is totally secure and has been tested and approved by a number of high profile financial services organisations.

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