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Overview of BPO Asia BPO Solutions (PDF)

There are many compelling reasons for implementing offshore outsourcing or resourcing as we prefer to think of it. Outsourcing can provide consistent, excellent service levels to customers, while improving service quality. Outsourcing also offers the added benefit of business scalability and flexibility, which allows BPO Asia to be responsive to our customers' needs.

Overview of BPO Asia Legal Solutions (PDF)

BPO Asia brings its 12 years of experience and resources in data management services to the Legal Solutions industry, particularly for complicated and drawn-out cases where speed and accuracy are essential.

Overview of BPO Asia Data Solutions (PDF)

BPO Asia Data Solutions is globally experienced in database management. BPO Asia for document management provides the ability to streamline content management while increasing the Efficiency and utilization of business-critical document workflows by up to 50%. Take advantage of BPO Asia's unsurpassed experience to help reduce time from days down to hours and reduce the costs to manageable and predictable levels.

Environmental Management Outsourcing (PDF)

Our Carbon Management service presents a trouble-free, scalable alternative to capturing and managing environmental data. Information from utility bills, receipts, internal process forms and surveys can be gathered electronically and output in a format that integrates directly into your environmental systems. Coupled with our experience in database management and software integration, we offer solutions that meet your needs by applying appropriate people, process and technology.

FirstCarbon Check-up (PDF)

It is now widely accepted that human activities have initiated global warming. More than ever, organizations face a growing responsibility to reduce their emissions. In anticipation of continuously growing regulatory and market constraints, and intensifying scrutiny from stakeholders, you already know that this is an opportunity to gain competitive advantage, but knowing where to begin is usually a changelling issue.

BPO Asia Information Security Domains & Controls (PDF)
  • Security Standards & Best Practices
  • Security for Human & Physical Resources
  • Communications & Operations Management
  • Access Control
  • Information Security
  • Development & Maintenance
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Compliance
Book-keeping, Data Entry & Document Storage Devices (PDF)

Abacus Network and BPO Asia have recently set up a partnership which allows the members of the network to improve their margins and release more of their time by using BPO Asia Outsourced Book-Keeping and Document Storage Services.

Outsourced Invoice Processing Services (PDF)

The efficient printing and delivery of invoices and statements can have a significant impact to your bottom line. By outsourcing your invoice generation process all the way through to payment receipt your organization benefits from reduces rates for postage, cost savings for printed documents; invoices are posted, emailed or sent via EDI link where applicable; and so much more.


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If your clients have a need for resourcing solutions, then BPO Asia's Strategic Partnering for Success Program offers you an outstanding opportunity to grow your business.

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