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BPO Asia brings its 12 years of experience and resources in data management services to the Legal Solutions industry, particularly for complicated and drawn-out cases where speed and accuracy are essential.

With the adoption of technology changing the legal profession landscape, fast and high-quality transcriptions services are now considered to be indispensable tools for legal practitioners. This is the driving force behind data solutions providers who strive to fill the growing demand for fast, reliable legal data services.

BPO Asia's team of highly-trained and experienced transcriptionists in the transcription of Court proceedings are able to simplify the normally tedious task of court reporting by providing the same quality, integrity, and professionalism to transcribing sound recordings as it does to court reporting. BPO Asia streamlined audio transcription process enables BPO Asia to work globally as easy and efficiently as working locally

How does it work?

Court proceedings are generally recorded by a Court officer or an appointed technician. Audio files are then labeled and uploaded to a server, emailed together with a log or burned on a CD for pick up at the end of the Court proceeding or following day. This audio file is then received by our experienced transcription team.

All Cases are captured verbatim, quickly and accurately within BPO Asia's state-of-the-art audio transcription process for quality control to minimize errors to maintain required accuracy levels both for analog recordings and digital files thus processing them in a confidential, secure, timely, and cost-effective environment. This underscores a clear understanding of the need for accuracy and security in legal cases where life-changing decisions hinge on the accuracy of the information for any case or issue.

Our global pool of transcribers allows us to deliver the transcribed cases to our clients on a variety of turnarounds. Our rates are competitive and transcripts subjected to frequent quality control checks. We utilize a number of transcription formats but can vary the style to meet our client's specific requirements.

High level of Data Accuracy and Security

BPO Asia has a clear understanding of the need for accuracy and security in any data-driven industry. It is also equipped with state-of-the-art data service applications which have time-tested fail-safe systems for preventing leakage from storage to retrieval, assuring the confidentiality of all the processed information.

Full Scope of Court Transcription Services

BPO Asia is currently providing daily Court Transcription services to a reputable and respected Asian Judicial Court.

Contact us online for all of your real-time and verbatim court reporting services, document management Services and Litigation Support - from simple lawsuits to highly-technical (and complicated) court proceedings. BPO Asia is capable of handling transcriptions for any legal requirement in any format - whether voice or video. This includes recordings on cassette, CDs/DVDs, video, digital recording, and web-based audio files.

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