Why BPO Asia?

BPO Asia provide outsourcing solutions that significantly benefit your business and your bottom line. We offer packaged processes worldwide tailored to your company's unique needs. As a result of utilizing our BPO solutions, customers enjoy lower costs and reduced risks while receiving an unmatched quality of service.

Here are just a few of the advantages BPO Asia has to offer:

Customer Satisfaction

Over 90% of our customers have increased their business with us since signing their first contract, with the average increase of over 100%. We expect that a satisfied customer will look for additional ways to leverage the services and increase their business value that we have provided to them. This is what BPO Asia is all about. Our customers and people come first.

Unsurpassed Performance

We have sustained over 99.9% application availability across all of our customers production, test and development systems since January 2001 - proof of our performance - with customer-specific availability and reporting that is second to none.

Low-Risk Service Commitment

Our contract terms and conditions cover the requirements for the entire term of the contract with no hidden costs. We offer dedicated levels of service, and have access to top technical and experienced talent in order to deliver all of our customers' applications and requirements on time, every time. BPO Asia's business solutions reduce the need for customers to recruit job-specific personnel, and the related challenges of retention and re-training that may be required for a new or ongoing project. These are avoidable situations that would otherwise translate into additional costs to you.

Simplified Management in a Nutshell

BPO Asia provides monthly reports and summaries on system performance and compliance pertaining to the status of any outstanding application/process, which allows our customers' to budget their operation expenses years in advance. Amortized across the course of a long-running project, BPO Asia's Business Solutions saves you time, money and headaches. All this for significantly less than it would cost you to staff and equip your own location. BPO Asia can provide you this by using our unparalleled expertise, reliability, and our history of outstanding performance.


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Be A Partner

If your clients have a need for resourcing solutions, then BPO Asia's Strategic Partnering for Success Program offers you an outstanding opportunity to grow your business.

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